On Screen Solutions (NI) LLP

The home of Digital Signage,  Advertising Network Solutions and TV advertising in Ireland. We have an unprecedented audience footfall of 40 million consumers per year, with 21 million in Northern Ireland and a further 19 million in the Republic of Ireland, giving an overall footfall of 750,000 per week.  We create, manage and deliver multi-media advertising across our Public Network in Ireland, North and South.  Through additional TV and Internet outlets we can ensure that your message is delivered to your target market. And we can create your ad content cost effectively, enabling it to be used across  multiple platforms.

Our focus is brand awareness; we are structured to collaborate closely with our clients, bringing YOUR message to a target audience.

Looking to reach consumers on a day to day basis?

The digital and physical worlds can offer brands a unique way of connecting with their customers, helping drive engagement with your brand.

We are committed to helping advertisers grow their businesses with geo-targeted campaigns. We also maintain a dedicated, in-house creative department that will collaborate with you to craft clear, compelling messaging and stunning visuals for your company. Our public network media (translink) offers great footfall dwell time as part of our premiere digital network, Translink’s customer journeys for the financial year 2012/2013 were in excess of 78.5 million, which is up by around a million on 2011/2012 ticket sales (source: Translink Annual Review 2012/13). With 13 sites at Translink stations we can give access to an unprecedented amount of clients throughout Northern Ireland. This opportunity will provide you with a wider audience, great exposure and awareness throughout.

On Screen Solutions is continuously looking to expand our portfolio and help our advertisers interact and resonate with our audience. Our advertisers see results in their investment and that is the kind of performance we strive to deliver every time.
First class customer experience that keeps companies coming back to us again and again.

TV and Screen Advertising including Translink Network across Northern Ireland